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Activities to interest everyone—now held from 9 to 5!

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We have a large stock of board games, memory games, and puzzles available to play with the group or one-on-one. We have large group physical games to get our residents moving. From archery to shuffleboard to balloon volleyball, our residents get their exercise in each day—and have fun doing it! We also play party games such as Family Feud, The Price is Right, Bingo, Relay Races, Pictionary and more. Residents daily have the opportunity to interact with staff and other residents in small and large group settings.

Arts and Crafts

Time to create!

Each day, we do a craft that relates to our theme. Our crafts vary widely but include, painting, drawing, glueing, piecing together, baking, and just being creative. One one week alone, residents made sock puppets, candy-pop flowers, stained-glass stars, a stamped landscape, and a decorated picnic basket. Residents who need assistance with their crafts are given the opportunity to do what they can, and receive help with the rest. We believe in the power of art to bring joy and peace to everyone!

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Daily Music at Beehive

Every day, we play with music at Beehive. We do Karaoke, Name That Tune, Drumming, Dancing, Playing with Instruments, and Drawing to Music. We also have regular live musical performances!

Lisa Rose

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